World of Warcraft Memories

My World of Warcraft guild has been together for over four years now and through all the highs (new expansion packs) and lows (waiting for new expansion packs), it’s been an incredibly positive experience. However recently we’ve been hit by the double whammy of a heavy grind-for-gear expansion and low population server which has meant that we’ve struggled outside of our core raiding team to get regular full 10-man raids. Consequently we decided to move the guild to a high population server.

Such moves often have a disruptive effect of only carrying over dedicated guild members, due to the transfer fee, so we knew we would lose more of our part time members – often those who’s main characters aren’t in the guild. Therefore this was a watershed moment for our little community. I started pulling together a few screenshots to commemorate the last four years in World of Warcraft and this is what I ended up with…

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