Through a Glass, Darkly

Through a Glass, Darkly – soloing The Nexus

Darkfienix in Through a Glass Darkly
Darkfienix, the Undying

The quest “Through a Glass, Darkly” is part of the chain to obtain the Legendary dps caster weapon, Runestaff of Nordrassil. It requires the player to solo The Nexus instance.

I play an undead shadow priest but this guide should be suitable for any caster. There is some specific shadow priest advice at the end of the guide.

This instance is really a health and mana management exercise until you get to the boss. To provide some frame of reference, I did this with 3 pieces of Tier 12 gear and an average gear level 374. I bought health pots, flasks, and a full stack of buff food.

As an aside, if you’ve cleared to the boss and you wipe, you will get a short time where you get a portal back to the boss from just inside the entrance, without having to clear the instance again. In my experience, I think this was around 4 or 5 attempts. You can repair at Transitus Shield.

Unless you enjoy hours of floor inspecting, you will need to setup your UI properly. This made a huge difference to my progress in the boss fight. Create a macro firstly to set Thyrinar on focus, and then to dispel or spell steal Twilight Restoration from him. Also, setup a UI warning (using an addon like Power Auras) for Twilight Restoration and also for Twisting Twilight so you can get moving a second earlier.

If this all sounds like too much bother – I didn’t macro the dispel for my first 10 attempts. After I wrote the macro and setup the alerts, I got him down in 2 attempts. It’s up to you how much you like looking at floors close up.



You talk to Tarecgosa just inside the entrance and she leads you off. Whenever she is fighting alongside you she has an aggro table, so you can let her tank. If she gets too low on health she will ice block and then you’re on your own until she heals up.

At the first mob you encounter, Tarecgosa tanks and you get two non-elite Magic Hound adds that come one at a time. They can be feared but be warned that they have a silence. Remember the ubiquitous WoW adage, glowing stuff on the floor hurts.

The second mob you encounter, rinse and repeat.

Magic Hounds

Then Tarecgosa leaves you to it, and straight away you get three Magic Hounds. Their silence can be a pain. If you are unlucky you can fear them into the first pair of ice blocked wraiths waiting at the start of a gauntlet, however you can easily aoe the wraiths down as they have little health. They will respawn within a minute or so but won’t aggro if you’re not too close.

Once you have the dogs down, take a couple of minutes to heal and mana regen back up. You will be in combat, so unfortunately you can’t eat up.

Then run the gauntlet up the ramp, stopping between the ice breathes that come out from the walls which will one shot you. The wraiths are aoe trash and die easily. Once you get to the top, move a little bit away while you heal and mana up again, as the mobs will respawn and aggro if you are too close.

Ahead and to the right you will see Tarecgosa held captive by two mobs. You can take them one at a time, and she’ll help you a little with the second. Once she’s free she’ll lead you off again. If you know where you are going you can run ahead, and quickly eat/drink up as you’ll be out of combat.

The next mob is an elite dog. He can’t be feared. His spellfire is nasty so don’t get hit by it. He freezes in place while casting so it’s easily avoidable. When he’s around 25% Tarecgosa will give you a hand.

Platform surfing

The next phase is my favourite part of the encounter. You jump on a platform which will automatically start circling an elite mob. Click on one of the orbs on his platform to give you a shield, which is necessary for the Nova which comes around 10s into the fight. You can use all orbs on each platform, as there are plenty. Once the elite is down, two non-elites spawn, burn them down and click on one their platforms, which will take you off to the next elite. Then it’s a case of rinse and repeat, apart from when Thyrinar talks to you, where you need to bail to a free platform as soon as you can.

When you get turfed onto the ground try and avoid the elites as Tarecgosa will take care of them. However, if you’re really unlucky she can miss one and it comes with you to the boss fight.

Next up is Thyrinar.


The mistake I made here the first few tries was to try and burn him down. That is not how the fight works. You need to dispel his healing within one tick otherwise you will be there forever. The rest is dealing with stuff on the floor and the adds, then throwing up dots and damaging Thyrinar when you can.

At the start of the fight you get a few seconds with no complications. Blow everything you can at this point – trinkets, cooldowns etc, as after this it gets manic.

Whenever your alert goes off for Twilight Restoration, dispel or spell steal it straight away – it is completely priority. This is the first mechanic.

The adds are a pain and they will counterspell you if they touch you. I dotted them, feared them and then burned them down. Occasionally, when I feared the adds near a pylon they evaded, popped to full health and started hitting on me. They are non-elite, and you need to get rid of them as soon as you can. It worked best when I pro-actively moved to the ramp to pick them up. This is the second mechanic.

As I had set an alert for Twisted Twilight being cast, and was able to start running around the edge of the platform before it hit. Be careful not to get stuck on a pylon, especially around Tarecgosa. This is the third mechanic.

You can find that you are having to deal with all 3 mechanics at any one time. In this instance, cooldowns were useful – for me that was shadowfiend, and dispersion.

Whenever you get a moment, throw damage at Thyrinar. You can silence his Twilight Blast for a few seconds, if you need to heal up.

When you get him down to around 30%, Tarecgosa will give you a random buff to assist with the fight. I got mana regen and haste on the two times I got this point.

The bottom line is don’t fret about dpsing down Thyrinar, focus on managing the 3 mechanics I’ve stated above. These are the keys to getting him down.

Then revel in your eliteness and enjoy the cut scene 😉

For shadow priests

I had to respec as I needed to improve my self healing. So I took Power Word:Shield glyph that healed me for 20% of absorption, and I changed my talents. I definitely had to take Improved Psychic Scream and Silence was useful when things went a bit pear-shaped.

The build I went with was this one.

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